Koho, Visa Promise Modern Banking for Millennials

Koho has reached an agreement with Visa, Peoples Trust Company, and Galileo Processing to deliver modern, no-fee banking to millennials.

The Vancouver-based financial technology company will offer branded Visa prepaid cards issued by Peoples Trust Company with Galileo providing transaction processing services.

“With Visa, Peoples Trust Company and Galileo, I really feel like we’ve put together a world class team,” said Daniel Eberhard, CEO of Koho. “All three organizations have demonstrated a real commitment to our vision; making banking simpler, more affordable and more transparent.”

Koho offers automatic goal savings, daily budgets, spending insights and much more.

“We think Canadian consumers need to raise their expectations. It’s not just about core functionality, it’s about understanding your financial position and providing the tools to help you improve it,” said Daniel Eberhard.