Mogo’s Adulting 101 Combines Wine, Personal Finance in Millennial Setting

This past Sunday in Vancouver, Mogo held the latest installment of their Adulting 101 campaign called “Ready to Wine?” bringing together millennials, financial education, and alcohol.

The event was held at the Vancouver Urban Winery, with a charismatic sommelier leading the audience, delivering wine tasting insights to impress friends, and Mogo Financial Fitness Coach and creator of the Adulting 101 series Chantel Chapman explaining how to raise and maintain a credit score and manage money.

Mogo’s Adulting 101 Marketing Campaign has just been named a finalist at the International FinTech Innovation Awards, putting it into competition with financial behemoths MasterCard and Visa for the prize. 

Mogo has made an effort to reshape personal finance and lending with a digital-first experience and gamification solutions that lower their customers’ cost of credit. For instance, Mogo’s Level Up Program is designed to reward customers for making payments on their loans. After twelve months of good payment history, consumers can “Level Up” to lower rates than the ones they originally qualified for. 

“We knew from audience and market response that we were connecting with millennials and the financially curious in a brand new way with these events—a mash up of wine tasting and financial literacy education,” said Chapman.  “Our hope is to inspire other fintech brands to try a new approach. These events and Mogo’s approach proves that finance doesn’t have to be boring.”

The Ready to Wine? event has been held in cities across Canada, taking financial education out of the textbooks and into a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Since its launch, Adulting 101 has attracted hundreds of attendees.

“Financial literacy among millennials is an issue. Even if it is being taught, it’s not necessarily resonating. If my fellow millennials are anything like me, we need a little entertainment to keep our attention in the social media age,” said Chapman. “That’s why we made these education sessions more of a wine- and cash prize-infused party than a lecture.”

The Adulting 101 events, like Mogo’s Level Up Program, have removed the feeling of stress and intimidation that often surrounds personal finance, and replaced it with some of the best of life: enjoyment and good wine.