Mojio Launches Open-Platform Cellular Device That Connects Your Car to the Internet of Things

Mojio this week announced availability on Amazon, bringing to market its open platform for connecting cars to drivers and the world around them.

Mojio is an open-platform, 3G cellular device that delivers a near real-time connected driving experience to drivers.

Mojio costs $169 in Canada, which includes a year of service, and connects “almost any car” to the Internet of Things through cellular networks (Telus in Canada). Subscriptions are $7 per month in Canada.

“We believe that people want their car to be more like their smartphone, to personalize their connected driving experience with apps that actually talk to all the intelligence behind their dashboard,” said Jay Giraud, CEO at Mojio. “Mojio offers that to anyone with a car made since 1996 with an open platform that over 100 companies are building their connected car apps on today.”



Some of the benefits Mojio’s app offers include:

  • Vehicle diagnostics: Mojio is a “virtual mechanic” that reads the hundreds of codes coming from the car and, beyond the vague check-engine light, informs the driver of the vehicle’s status at all times. Mojio will notify drivers when something goes wrong with its level of urgency, providing convenience and peace of mind.
  • Automated trip tracking: Mojio monitors distance travelled, fuel efficiency and cost per trip, allowing drivers to monitor and improve their driving to save time and money. When driving for business purposes, Mojio can automate mileage and expense tracking.
  • Enhanced driving experience: Mojio anticipates drivers’ needs and displays the right information at the right time, like traffic-based route suggestions, turn-by-turn directions, nearby parking and even gas stations when fuel level drops below 15% – so drivers can focus on driving and still get what they need.