Mojio and Glympse Partner to Provide Location Sharing Beyond the Smartphone

Today Vancouver’s Mojio announced from the Hardware Alley at TechCrunch’s Disrupt that they have partnered with Glympse to integrate location technology into their on-board diagnostics device and connected car apps.

Mojio is the leading platform for the connected car and Seattle’s Glympse is a pioneer of time-based location technology.

The partnership promises to benefit both consumers as well as developers. Mojio users will be able to share their location and request location from others through Glympse.

Developers for consumers and enterprise will be able to combine the Glympse Platform and proven location technology with the Mojio platform to quickly and easily create robust applications.

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In addition, companies that utilize the Glympse Platform, including fleet owners, will now be able to enhance their product suite by utilizing Mojio’s device. This means they will no longer need to rely on cell phones to be on, charged or connected to the Internet, to notify customers of a driver’s current location.

“We’ve been hyper focused on making location sharing ubiquitous, providing location technology when people or businesses need it, whenever they need it,” said Bryan Trussel, CEO and co-founder, Glympse. “By partnering with Mojio, we are able to extend our technology to hardware or devices outside of the smartphone, enabling location sharing with new users and opening new doors to our enterprise partners for a fully integrated location solution.”

“We are excited to have a quality partner like Glympse enhance our platform with their premier location service used by both consumers and corporations,” said Jay Giraud, CEO of Mojio. “Partnerships like this will rapidly expand the accessibility and value for drivers to experience the benefit of the connected car today.”

Glympse and Mojio plan to roll out the new technology in the coming months.