Mojio Announces International Coverage with AT&T

Vancouver’s Mojio announced today it can now connect most any car to its open platform of apps for drivers worldwide thanks to a global carrier agreement with AT&T.

Mojio entered into an similar agreement with TELUS in September to cover Canada coast-to-coast.

“We believe people want their cars to be more like their smartphones, no matter what car they are driving or where they travel, and staying connected to your car is key to that,” said Jay Giraud, CEO, Mojio.

“Particularly useful for business travelers, with borderless roaming on AT&T’s new global SIM, users of the Mojio app can see how and where their family members are driving and vice versa. Whether it’s a rental car in another country or the family car at home, Mojio provides peace of mind by keeping families safely connected.”

By 2022, there will be 1.8 billion automotive connections globally, which will consist of 700 million connected cars and 1.1 billion aftermarket devices. This market will be worth $422 billion globally, up from $22 billion today.

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Unlike other after-market connected car devices, Mojio is the only open-platform, 3G+GPS cellular device and smartphone app that delivers a near real-time connected driving experience to drivers. As an open platform, it supports a growing ecosystem of drivers, partners and developers focused on providing a more seamless and intuitive driving experience through connected car apps.

Mojio launched in November 2014 and sells for $149 USD at and with a year of service included and a $4.99 monthly subscription thereafter.