Mojio Puts Mechanic and Car Alarm in Your Pocket with Latest Apps

June 11, 2015 UPDATE: Mojio’s Gauge and Cloak are now both available on Android and iOS.

Mojio, an open platform for connecting cars, today announced the availability of two new apps: Gauge and Cloak.

The Android apps bolster the Vancouver-born firm’s suite of products.

“The Internet of Things holds great promise but most people don’t know how they can experience it,” said Jay Giraud, CEO, Mojio. “With Mojio, you can now put any car’s status, health and location in the palm of your hand.”

Mojio Gauge is a virtual mechanic app for Android gives drivers the power of having a car mechanic in their pocket, providing them with real-time vehicle health alerts and status updates. Gauge provides quick access to a vehicle’s overall health, as well as fuel level readings, diagnostic alerts and current location—data which is can track over time to create a history of your car.

Mojio Cloak is a connected car alarm app for Android that immediately alerts car owners with text and audio notifications if their car is being stolen, providing owners peace of mind knowing where their car is at all times (geo-fencing is coming soon, the company says).

“Since Mojio’s launch seven months ago, we have built a community of passionate drivers who readily share their experiences and feedback with us,” said Giraud. “We know that people want their car to behave more like their smartphone, intuitively sharing information that is important and personal to them. Gauge and Cloak are new apps with richer features that provide immediate value out of the box and ongoing peace of mind for anyone who ever worries about their car’s health and status.”

Both apps require the Mojio 3G+GPS device.