Momentum Ventures Looking for Next Challenge After Continued Success of FlightHub

Montreal’s Momentum Ventures is seeking out new business after shaking up the Canadian OTA (Online Travel Agency) scene with the continued success of FlightHub.

FlightHub, which was introduced in 2012, has become Canada’s top OTA, servicing users looking for discounted flights, hotels, and travel insurance across the country. Momentum Ventures is now looking to expand its horizons and is starting by focusing on a different approach, seeking out quality individuals to head companies with proven business models.

While Canada is known more for the sprawling metropolis’ of Toronto and Vancouver, Montreal itself has a captivating technology scene loaded with startups generating a lot of excitement in the province of Quebec’s largest city.

As such, Momentum Ventures is investigating the possibility of investing in multiple programs, events, and contests in the city’s universities to harbour the continued development of the tech community in Montreal. This is being done in an effort to both contribute to the thriving tech scene of Montreal and help identify future tech and business leaders who will be at the forefront of Momentum’s newest business Ventures.

With a history of massive success in numerous online industries, Momentum Ventures CEO Matthew Keezer sees these potential partnerships as an extension of what Momentum Ventures is about, saying ”Momentum Ventures’ vision is based on finding and guiding technology talent and giving them the reigns of an existing, or new business based on a successful business model. Momentum’s potential work in the educational communities of Montreal jumpstarts this process by aiding future business leaders as they learn the ropes of their current or future businesses.”

Momentum Ventures’ mission is fundamentally different from the traditional ventures model. Instead of focusing on and inevitably gambling on unproven ideas, Momentum puts the highest importance on finding and supporting dedicated business leaders and puts them in a position to succeed by allowing them to work to their strengths within a proven business model. This is all done in a stable environment that handles the day-to-day logistical and administrational duties that can bog down any business, allowing these business leaders to focus constantly on innovating and breaking the paradigms of standard business practices.

Based in Montreal, Momentum Ventures is ready to find their next great business leader. With a proven track record over the last eight years of developing massively successful online businesses, Momentum Ventures is ready to shepherd in another online powerhouse.

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