MoMoVan Party Welcomes Visitors and the New Mobile Monday Calgary Chapter

MobileMonday LogoLast Wednesday night, I went to the Mobile Monday Vancouver (MoMoVan) Christmas Party at The Mill Marine Bistro on the Seawall in Coal Harbour. Mobile Monday is an informal grassroots event that happens around the world on the first Monday of every month for Mobile Application Developers, Carriers and connected individuals, and includes industry talk, techie talk and lots of beer.

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Weird though; the MoMoVan holiday event was on a Wednesday … so, you’re wondering … “are they changing the name to MoWeVan?” No, silly, the event was on Wednesday to accommodate the travel schedules of Jari Tammisto, CEO of Mobile Monday Global and Lars Cosh-ishii, founder of the most successful chapter in the world, MoMoTokyo.

While there was plenty of beer and technical talk (one of which involved sustained personal mapping as the future killer mobile app), this MoMoVan event was more political in nature. Deservedly so … the Assistant Deputy Minister from Western Economic Development was there (Gerry Salembier), and it was kicking off two days of final preparations about bringing the Global Mobile Monday event to Vancouver in May, 2010, which included a tour of the Vancouver Convention Centre and meetings with top executives from the industry, Wavefront, BC Innovation Council, Vancouver Economic Development Commission, Tourism Vancouver, Vancouver Convention & Exhibit Center, Dept. of Foreign Affairs, and Western Economic Diversification.

With 125,000 members worldwide, MoMo is a big deal in the global mobile industry, and getting this event is the crown jewel .. it would see ~2,500 mobile application developers visit Vancouver in the first ever North American MoMo global event.

I received an email from Michael Bidu, Executive Director of WinBC (and a founding member of MoMoVan) … the visit with Jari and others was successful, and moving forward to the official announcement in Barcelona in February. While it’s not 100% guaranteed (it ain’t official, until it’s official!), things are looking really good.

Mobile Monday Calgary logo MoMoCalgaryOn a related note, I was extremely excited to represent the newly christened MoMoCalgary chapter, and for us to provide regional support for MoMoVan. Newly christened is a understatement … Jari was kind enough to sign our chapter agreement at the party at 7:16 pm, making MoMoCalgary the 71st chapter!

I’d like to shout out to the other founding members from Calgary who met last Monday (Dec. 8), at Kit’s on 16th Ave for the first time to outline the Chapter’s Charter (and, yes, it includes beer): John Carpenter (KnowledgeWhere), Brian Macintyre (Telus), Trevor Doerkson (, Stephen Nykolyn and Marc Wachmann ( and Robert Knight, Paul Poutanen and myself ( Calgary has a thriving mobile scene and, like all Mobile Monday chapters, it’s only as good as the members make it … so we hope to see you out!

MoMoCalgary’s first public meeting will be held on Monday, January 12th at Kit’s on 16th Ave NW at 6:00 pm.

Please register for MoMoCalgary at our website: … let’s kick it off!