Monitor your media with Responsetek’s Media Aggregator

Back in the days of three networks and no internet, you could monitor everything worth saying about you with a stack of three televisions…and you didn’t even bother unless your name was Lyndon Johnson. But in 2009, everyone is a focus of attention via the internet, and there are myriad ways for your image and reputation to spread online. Enter Responsetek’s Media Aggregator, a new tool for monitoring who is saying what about you, your company or your competition. 

ResponseTek, headquartered in Vancouver, Toronto and the UK, rolled out Media Aggregator this week as a tool to follow mentions and comments on Twitter and other social media through data mining, reporting and analytics. 

“We see the established worlds of enterprise feedback management, market research and media monitoring converging, and social media is both an important and a disruptive influence,” said Syed Hasan, ResponseTek President & CEO. “We believe companies can gain great insight from their customers and employees if they can process the masses of information generated everyday across online media.”

Media Aggregator is available as a standalone product and as part of ResponseTek’s suite of market research and feedback products