Montreal Challenge is a Chance for Startups Across Canada to Get Valuable Funding and Training

Capital Innovation has partnered with Investment Quebec and venture capital funds in Quebec to launch what could be the most important program for financing innovative firms in Canada.

Until October 19, entrepreneurs are welcome to submit their candidacy. An investors’ committee will pick the 50 most interesting projects in Quebec for a six month training and promotion program.

Once selected, projects will be presented to experienced investors in order to maximize their chances of success.  Finalists will present their projects to the network of investors, who are members of Capital Innovation in Quebec, Ontario and the US. 

This year set a record as the total amount of funds available in venture capital reached over $700 million in assets. Around $8 million was invested in participating firms of the 2011 Montreal Challenge program. 

The most promising tech startups can participate in an acceleration program that opens the doors to key venture capitalists in Canada.

The Montreal Challenge is open to various sectors in technology: information and communications technologies, as well as green tech and health care technology. The goal of the program for 2012 is to invest around $10 million.