Montreal Flagship Apple Store Makes 7 for Canada

Apple is certainly good about consistancy. For instance, the recently opened West Edmonton Mall Apple Store looks like a wider version of the Vancouver Apple Store, and the newly opened Montreal Apple Store looks like both of them, except two stories tall with an amazing streetfront facade. The Apple Store Sainte-Catherine opened today, a flagship store in a space that was previously a mens clothing store in this downtown Montreal shopping district. Appleinsider has before and after photos of the space, it’s quite an impressive transformation. This store joins another Apple Store in nearby Laval.

Techvibes doesn’t have anyone on the ground there, but I’ll give complimentary linkback if you send us a good picture we can post of the store, and/or opening lines (greg[at]techvibes[dot]com).

Speaking of Apple Stores that aren’t slots in malls, check out pictures from the Apple Store Sanlitun in Beijing, the first of it’s kind in China.