Montréal startup creates a manifesto asking the question, What is the calendar of the future?


Today’s calendar is broken. It’s a static repository of events. It’s a snapshot, a moment in time. Contrast that against our dynamic and ever changing lives and we have a significant disconnect. The model doesn’t work – it isn’t representative. It doesn’t leverage our digital footprints and create incremental value. The application is outdated and with that we have an opportunity to innovate.

The opportunity to innovate is not lost on Montréal’s Tungle.Me, which is a small scheduling app with bigger ideas and a grand vision.

We believe the time to think about the calendar of the future is now. We have assembled Ithe opinions of some of the industry’s brightest minds to weigh in on what the calendar of the future might look like and the benefits it might provide to our personal and professional lives…This is a manifesto.

Tungle.Me is interviewing a wide range of talents, from Dan Dodge of Google to Ellen Levy, who is Vice-pres of Strategic Alliances with LinkedIn, and who presented “Being a Super-Connector in a Digital World” at GROW 2010.

The Montréal startup interviewed these experts covering a broad range of topics, from their general thoughts and opinions, to the ecosystem, to data and semantic relationships, and even the history and evolution of the calendar. Here is their “overview” video.