Montreal’s Digital Locksmiths Launches ‘Game-Changing’ Mobile Security App

Montreal-based Digital Locksmiths have announced the launch of Smart Security Agent, an app designed to simplify the process of securing the wide array of mobile devices accessing corporate networks. The product was launched in partnership with Orange Business Services IT&L@bs. It’s one solution to the rampant BYOD trend, which bears as many problems as it does benefits.

“With our customers increasingly adopting mobile solutions in their operations, it is critical that security is integrated into device communications,” said Yves Laurin, sales director for Orange’s IT&L@bs in Canada. “Smart Security Agent will enable us to seamlessly deliver mobile security with all of our customer solutions. Orange’s goal is to simplify mobile security for its customers, giving them the ability to control network access in a straightforward and holistic manner.”

“With hundreds of thousands of applications available for personal mobile devices, each potentially introducing security problems, it is paramount that companies are able to secure any device accessing the corporate network without constraining an individual’s use of the same device for personal use,” said Wadih Elie Tannous, CEO of Digital Locksmiths. “Smrt Security Agent does this.”

Mobile device access is monitored at the Digital Locksmiths Data Centre in Montréal, giving companies the ability to screen device security profiles in real time and mitigate any threats to both the network and the device. Smart Security Agent is controlled by a proprietary encryption algorithm that generates a unique ID, which certifies and validates the user, the device, and the communication technology being used.

For example, when a user logs in at work, depending on corporate security policy, personal applications like Facebook or hardware capabilities (like the on-board camera or storage device) could be automatically locked down by Smart Security Agent. When the individual leaves work and accesses the device for personal use, the applications are automatically turned back on.

SSA will be available in April to select Orange customers. A release for the Android platform will be available in May, followed by the Windows platform in June. Apple and BlackBerry versions will arrive in “early 2013,” the company says.