Montreal’s mTrip now offers white labels for its city guides

Montreal’s mTrip has unveiled a new way for tourism boards to promote their cities to travelers by offering white label city guides via its iPhone and Android apps.

Local tourist offices are taking mTrip’s technology to create customizable city guides for their visitors’ mobile devices.

Tourism boards will have access to mTrip’s content management system, which they can use to administer their travel content as well as user feedback.

“Mobile technology is increasingly being adopted by tourist offices and the corporate travel industry as a way to offer travelers a new way to get around,” says Frederic de Pardieu, CEO of mTrip. “This is being done with mobile itinerary management, map localization, augmented reality, unique travel content and sharing. This new way of promoting cities is all due to the growth in smartphone usage by tourists, which is why we have taken the commercial version of our app and developed a way for tourism boards to use our technology. We are offering a completely customizable application so cities can add new features if they wish,” says Frederic.

Trondheim in Norway is an early adopter of mTrip’s concept.