Montréal’s Real Ventures announces its first two investments: Fabric Technologies and DokDok

Real Ventures is a $45-million seed stage venture fund based in Montreal. The fund closed late last year, and has just announced its first two investments: Fabric Technologies and DokDok.

Fabric Technologies

Fabric Technologies delivers computing in the browser; that is, websites and apps become as powerful and flexible as native compiled applications. This allows apps and services to move from the desktop to the browser and from the browser to the smartphone.

Fabric takes advantage CPU and GPU resources to make the full power of a mobile device available to its web browser.


DokDok, founded in Montréal by Bruno Morency, is an “email data as a service” platform—DokDok’s email API makes enables app developers to retrieve information from inboxes and leverage it in complementary apps in areas of document management, collaboration, and project management.

The focus of Real Ventures is in web and mobile, software and digital media, and social and casual gaming startups, so these seem like natural investments for the venture capital fund. Investing at the seed level—between conceptualization and validation of the business model—is always a risky undertaking, but it’s a thrill for some. We wish Real Ventures and the startups they invest in good luck.