Montreal’s StatusNet and Motorola collab on social messing network, MotMot

Motorola has rolled a StatusNet-based social messaging network, MotMot, across its entire organization. StatusNet has developed a case study with Motorola to help other enterprises understand how social messaging can help their business.

“Motorola’s launch of MotMot has shown the great power of using StatusNet inside of a corporation at enterprise-scale,” said Evan Prodromou, the CEO and founder of the Montréal-based StatusNet.

“One unexpected benefit [of using StatusNet] is a reduction in company email,” Motorola’s team leader of Open Source Technologies, Rami Levy, says in the case study. “We initially just wanted to increase social communication and such in the company. As the value became obvious and usage grew, we decided to leverage this to reduce corporate email volume.”

motmotThe MotMot system is also used to keep its teams up to date with changes in product lines or projects. “A lot ofpeople appreciate the ability to monitor, as needed, relevant channels or subject areas using StatusNet,” says Rami.

Motmot, perhaps a coincidence or perhaps following Twitter’s fowl-brand success, is also a species of adorable birds.