More evidence for front facing camera in next iPhone

Flickr screenshotAn iPhone with a camera on the front faceplate of the phone has been rumoured since before the iPhone 3GS was released last summer, speculation picked up when the gadget blog Gizmodo bought a stolen iPhone protoype that included a front facing camera.  While that’s a strong indication that a front camera is going to be in this summer’s new iPhone, Apple has made hardware changes at the last minute recently pulling the planned camera from the latest iPod touch and with the iPad having evidence that an iSight like camera was planned for the front screen of that device.  However in the most recent update to the iPhone’s operating software 4.0, currently in beta, there is more evidence that the next iPhone is going to include a front facing camera.   

I noticed this after I uploaded a photo that I had taken with my iPhone 3Gs (running OS 4.0 beta 3) to Flickr.  When I later looked at the picture on Flickr I noticed that the comments on the photo said “Back Camera”.  I tried this again, taking pictures while at last night’s Canucks’ – Blackhawks game at GM Place.  When uploaded via the iPhone’s mail app, and with Flickr Uploader on my Macbook the text appears.

While this still is not definitive proof that the next iPhone, most likely to be announced at Apple’s upcoming developer’s conference, will have a front facing camera it’s clear that they are at least playing with the idea in this late stage of the iPhone’s operating system’s development.