More info you want, when you want it, on your mobile

The development of the mobile device into the default work and play equipment continues apace. I’m still using my cell phone (oh, this is so embarrassing) just for making phone calls (Oh, the humanity!). Oh, and for taking the odd out-of-focus shot of my neighborhood.

Meanwhile, I’m under the impression that a good number of my colleagues and associates have long since warped past me into the CrackBerry age, using their mobile devices for all manner of productive work and entertainment purposes. At least, that’s why they say they don’t have time to hang out with me anymore.

QuickMobile, the Vancouver-based mobile marketing company, has just released Version 2.0 of its Contextual Mobile Marketing Platform. The service allows users to easily send text, graphics, audio, and video content to any mobile phone. You get the content you want.

So, what’s new with Version 2.0 (Otherwise known as just plain old Version 2 for people who like to distinguish web 2.0 and every single technology innovation of the past 5 years)?

According to the company, new enhancements for users include “double opt-in, permission based services, enhanced security, end-user defined preferences and automatic start and end functionality”.

QuickMobile’s new Mobile Polling and Mobile Results services will reportedly enable marketers to interact with their audiences better and maximize ROI for marketing campaigns.

Now, I’ve really got to get on this train. Anyone already sick of their iPhone and looking to give it away?