More WikiLeaks news: servers attacked, China and North Korea not really BFFs

More news from WikiLeaks today; they had to switch servers after a DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attack rendered their servers in Sweden unreachable. Ironically, they are making Amazon’s web hosting service their new home, making America the number one source for semi-legal information about America.

From the CBC:

The site, which made available a trove of U.S. diplomatic documents Sunday, said in a Twitter message that it was under a “distributed denial-of-service attack,” a method commonly used by hackers to slow down or bring down sites. WikiLeaks didn’t identify the attackers.

The site, which is devoted to releasing anonymously submitted documents, also came under attack Sunday, but Tuesday’s attack appeared to be more powerful.

WikiLeaks said the malicious traffic was coming in at 10 gigabits per second on Tuesday, which would make it a relatively large effort.

According to a study by Internet security company Arbor Networks, the average denial-of-service attack over the past year was 349 megabits per second, 28 times slower than the stream WikiLeaks reported.

Hold on: “WikiLeaks didn’t identify the attackers?!” Isn’t the whole point of WikiLeaks to disclose stuff like that?

Also, more cables are being made available to the press. CBC picked up on a few that indicate tensions are brewing between the leaders of China and North Korea. Looks like trouble in paradise (or at least, whatever communist dystopian paradise North Korea could ever be)…

In one of the leaked documents, South Korea’s then vice-foreign minister, Chun Yung-woo, is quoted as telling U.S. ambassador Kathleen Stephens that China “would be comfortable with a reunified Korea controlled by Seoul and anchored to the U.S. in a ‘benign alliance’ as long as Korea was not hostile towards China.”

Chun said Chinese diplomats also told him that trade and labour export opportunities in a reunified Korea could further induce Chinese acquiescence.

In another leaked U.S. document, China’s vice-foreign minister He Yafei is quoted as saying North Korea was acting like a “spoiled child” trying to get the attention of the adult — the United States — by carrying out missile tests in April 2009.

This keeps getting more and more interesting. Stay tuned to find out more about how the world is actually run.