Most Companies Prohibit Social Networking on the Job

A recent survey conducted by Robert Half Technology that interviewed 270 CIOs from companies across Canada revelead that 58% of them didn’t allow their employees to use Facebook, Twitter and Myspace while at work. I don’t think this is surprising. Unless you’re a social media marketing agency or in the IT sector, why would you let your employees tweet the day away?

Wasting time on your dime? Not so much.  Do you know what else wastes time?  These studies. Don’t you think? 

How many times do we have to hear about not doing this or that online while you’re at work?  At the same time, we could argue that people shouldn’t be able to use their cell phones or get personal calls while at work.  A few years ago I know this was an issue.  But now? This conversation is irrelevant. And mobile access to these sites is also more in demand.  I don’t think employers can really control or monitor the behaviour of their employees.

The same survey also offers advice for “professionals” using social media after work hours. (The research company says many employers now monitor their workers’ after hours online behaviours.) Did I miss something?  When did the lines between personal and professional become so blurry?