Most in BC Don’t Get Facebook

It’s election time in BC and technology and social media are playing a big part in how it all unfolds.  With many new sites dedicated to offering the most raw and unfiltered information about the elections, like the just launched BC Vote, and candidates tweeting to secure popularity online–this is actually going to be an exciting election process.  That’s why I was a bit surprised to read that the president of the provincial NDP, Jeff Fox says that most people in BC don’t get how Facebook works. 

This comment comes after a 22-year old NDP candidate for Vancouver-False Creek resigned after inappropriate photos were uncovered on his publicly accessible Facebook site.  Fox says although Lam’s page was vetted, people that were doing the vetting (I’m assuming they were older folk?) were

not fine-tuned enough to deal with the basic settings of Facebook…

He blames a generational gap for the missed photos and says,

most British Columbians don’t understand Facebook as a social networking tool. I come from a different generation and I don’t fully understand Facebook. What I learned in the last 24 hours is that you can have more than one level of access.

I’m not sure what to make of his statement (or assumption about older BC residents not getting it). Can’t the NDP invest in people who are “experts” on Facebook?  For example, like my younger brother?  Or possibly isn’t it worth it for them to hire graduates from the tech-sector or get the help of a social media person to do their background checks?  There are many qualified people willing to freelance and make some money, especially now. Is this an argument that large organizations, leaders of government and those in the public eye can fall back on?