Most Popular Blog Posts on Techvibes in 2010

2010 was a banner year for Techvibes with some great content being produced by our team of talented writers.

Here are the Top 10 blog posts on in 2010 based on pageviews.

1. A Hacker’s Story: Let me tell you just how easily I can steal your personal data – In only his second blog post for Techvibes, Toronto’s Kole McRae’s hit a nerve with readers with a story that had him sneaking into an apartment building to see what he could find on unprotected wireless networks. The post went viral thanks to a reader submission to Reddit. 200 retweets and over 36,000 pageviews later, this post was our most popular of 2010.

2. Shut The F#@% Up, Parents: 10 crazy examples of parental stupidity on Facebook – Techvibes Associate Editor Knowlton Thomas stumbled across popular Tumblr site Shut The F#@% Up, Parents and couldn’t resist sharing it with our readers. Thomas’ post managed to get noticed by the Tumblr site owner who thanked us in a blog post, sending a spike of traffic our way. And now I know what Mommyjacking is.

3. Telus vs. Shaw: which should you choose for home Internet? – Based on a review of our site analytics Vancouver’s Jeffrey Simpson was assigned this Telus vs. Shaw topic and his post continues to consistently attract readers. Since being published in April, the monthly traffic to this post has increased every month and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

4. 5 hilariously unforgettable solutions for the Apple iPhone 4’s reception issues – Thomas was quick to jump on the Apple iPhone 4 antenna controversy and assembled a blog post that included five pretty funny solutions to the reception dilemma. This blog post got ‘stumbled’ on StumbleUpon and the rest was history.

5. Android is Google’s Agent Smith – Vancouver Contributor Bocar Dia hit a homerun with his first blog post on Techvibes (and helped us kick-off our Curated Content Series in the process). Thanks to a submission to Hacker News, Dia’s post was retweeted 259 times in a matter of days.

6. Fred Wilson’s Ten Golden Principles for Successful Web Apps – Toronto Community Manager extraordinaire Erin Bury attended DemoCamp in October where Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson was the headliner. Bury distilled Wilson’s Ten Golden Principles for Building Successful Web Apps succintly into a post on her Sprouter blog and it was republished on Techvibes as part of our Curated Content Series.

7. Canada gets iPad release date and prices – Not surprisingly “iPad and Canada” was a pretty popular search string on Google in 2010 and Simpson’s blog post announcing the Canadian release date and prices picked up a lot of that traffic. No doubt the iPad and it’s competitors will continue being a hot topic in 2011, which is why we now have a blog category dedicated to the topic.

8. Mark Zuckerberg says The Social Network is an inaccurate portrayal, but the Winklevoss twins disagree – Thomas landed his third appearance in our 2010 Top 10 list thanks to blog post about Facebook that didn’t even have Facebook in the title. Even digging around our Google Analytics account can’t explain why this post has been so popular but it is likely do to his use of the word “Winklevi”.

9. Are Geeks the New Alpha Male? – Calgary’s Sarah Blue asked the question and hopeful geeks across North America read along to find out it their stock was rising. Not sure but our traffic did.

10. Toronto is Canada’s Cloud Computing Capital – Sustained search engine traffic can make the simplest blog post a serious contender. Google “cloud computing toronto” and you’ll find this blog post sitting as the #1 result and still bringing in visitors. Thank goodness – what kind of Editor-in-Chief would I be if I didn’t land at least one post in the Top 10.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make the Top 10 for 2011 with a guest post, get in touch.