The 15 Companies Competing to Win Most Promising Startup of Year Award

NACO’s annual Pitch Competition celebrates dynamic early-stage companies that have demonstrated successful growth, and whose outstanding achievements have made them some of Canada’s most promising startups.

15 semi-finalists will vie today to be one of the five finalists to pitch on stage to over 200 Angel investors, venture capitalists and industry leaders.

“We have an exciting group of startups pitching at this years competition,” says Yuri Navarro, Executive Director of the National Angel Capital Organization.

The winner will be selected by an expert panel of judges and audience voting. The winner will be announced tonight.

Here are the 15 companies (bios provided by NACO).

Excelion Technology Inc. – Toronto, ON

Excelion’s Real-Time Hospital Measurement System reduces hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) to save time, money, and lives! HAIs are the fourth leading cause of death in North America and a major healthcare system cost worldwide. Excelion’s proprietary software and sensing system act as a hospital’s air-traffic-control to monitor hand hygiene compliance in real-time and track infections back to source.  As a result, clients cut infections by over 50% and reduced length of patient stay.

OneStory – Saskatoon, SK

OneStory website and app allows organizations and individuals to collect video interviews from anywhere, with no editing for the user. There is nothing more powerful than a story to inspire or educate. Online video is our modern form of storytelling. OneStory allows you to ask a question and receive beautiful mini-documentary responses in return – with no editing for the user or you. This Saskatchewan-based company has clients in Canada and the United States and is starting to gain international clients. Most recently, they are gathering videos for the United Nations #HeForShe campaign in Albania. 

Proteocyte Diagnostics – Toronto, ON

Proteocyte Diagnostics Inc. is a Canadian molecular diagnostics company that develops and commercializes a novel diagnostics technology, Straticyte™ that offers objective and accurate early diagnosis of pre-cancers and cancers. The company’s first product objectively and accurately distinguishes between those precancerous oral lesions at high risk of becoming cancerous and those that pose low risk. Early diagnosis of high-risk lesions permits more effective and less traumatizing treatments. By identifying and treating oral cancer before it happens, clinicians can save lives, healthcare costs are reduced and quality of life of patients is improved.

Text2Car – Saskatoon, SK

Text2Car provides wireless control, monitoring and tracking of vehicles and assets (M2M) for commercial fleets, consumers and cross-industry (IoT) applications. We start cars without the need of a remote car starter. Users can monitor driving habits ie hard acceleration/deceleration, impact, speeding, idling, engine alarm codes, on-demand GPS fleet tracking, zone entry/departure and historical route map. Text2Car delivers wireless system solutions with low-cost/high value devices that can operate “out of the box” in over 700 countries.

BitLit – Vancouver, BC

BitLit is a mobile app that allows readers to get a free or highly discounted eBook copy of a book they own in print.

Komodo OpenLab Inc.- Toronto, ON

Komodo OpenLab’s technologies enable simple and easy access to smartphones and tablets for millions of people with mobility impairments, greatly enhancing their work, school and family lives with the rich and dynamic communication and productivity tools these mobile devices provide.

FormVerse- Ottawa, ON

FormVerse, Inc., a technology company from Ottawa, provides a patented, user-centric, email-based business process automation (BPA) solution embedded in Microsoft Outlook that delivers substantial time and cost savings by automating an organization’s many manual business processes.  Formed in 2006, FormVerse is at the front of the Business Process Automation process revolution.  Learn more about FormVerse at, @FormVerse, or email

Floop Technologies- Montreal, QC

Floop is the first mobile publishing platform with the needs of kids app and content developers in mind. Our platform allows them to effectively monetize, engage and promote to grow their business, all while engaging kids in a safe, COPPA compliant environment. 

ScarX Therapeutics – Toronto, ON

ScarX Therapeutics is a privately held, pre-clinical stage biotechnology company developing a novel therapeutic (SCX-001) as the first topical prescription medication to treat dermal scarring. The company is leveraging a re-purposing strategy to develop a known small-molecule, based on recent scientific findings, to address a multi-billion dollar dermal scar market. The company is interested in exploring strategic partnerships and funding opportunities to advance SCX-001 into Phase I/II trials starting in 2015.

CommandWear – Vancouver, BC

Vancouver-based software company, CommandWear, delivers real-time, simple-to-use, mobile situational awareness tools to first responders who need to keep their eyes, ears and hands on the job at all times. Michael Morrow, a pioneer in public safety technology, founded CommandWear to solve the industry’s most critical issue – the lack of tools to support decision making at the last tactical mile. Field-tested by leading police forces and emergency responders, CommandWear will be available September 30, 2014.

Permission Click – Winnipeg, MB

Digital Permission Slips and Payment Collection for schools made easy!  Schools can build, send and collect permission slips and fees from parents in seconds on any device, anywhere.  Most importantly, Permission Click can deploy into a school in less than 5 minutes without the need for complicated integration or IT support from districts.

Advolve Media Inc. – Winnipeg, MB

Advolve has developed the Mirage Mirror which is an interactive mirror customized to fit in high traffic venues. Video advertising is triggered upon a user’s approach to the mirror, playing advertising right through the glass vanishing when they walk away. Each Mirror’s unique IR sensors and software offers live feeds, full impression analytics, and time and gender parting. Social media platforms are integrated into the mirrors to allow users to further interact.

CrowdMedia – Montreal, QC

CrowdMedia is a social marketplace connecting publishers with local photographers worldwide. Our platform detects events around the world, matches them with local photographers, packages exclusive photos, and syndicates them so publishers can earn revenue. CrowdMedia is the only efficient and cost-effective way to get compelling and unique visuals of everything that is happening at all times. We are disrupting a $4B market with a content growth that is 10x faster than anyone else in this field.

ManagingLife – Toronto, ON

ManagingLife helps people with chronic pain regain control over their lives through its award-winning app, Manage My Pain. Our app helps people track, analyze, and share their pain to help them better understand their conditions and communicate with their doctors and insurance companies. It’s easy-to-use interface and doctor-friendly reports have allowed it to become one of the most downloaded and market-leading pain management apps on Android. 

Ecotagious- Vancouver, BC

Ecotagious helps Utilities meet their conservation needs by providing residential customers with personalized appliance-level feedback and recommendations, delivered in a way that changes customer behaviour. This feedback is generated from Ecotagious’ proprietary smart meter data analytics that disaggregate hourly smart meter data into major appliance loads, without the need for additional hardware. Understanding exactly where customers are using their energy allows the utility company to cost effectively drive conservation, marketing and customer engagement initiatives.