Most Small Canadian Businesses Aren’t Budgeting for the Mobile Revolution

Sage North America announced recently the results of its Canadian SMB Survey on Mobile Devices, which found that mobile technology is having a very positive impact on Canadian businesses, with 73 percent of respondents reporting a positive effect on customer service.

Furthermore, they responded that mobile devices have been helpful in bringing more business to the company (28 percent) and by giving them the ability to conduct meetings remotely (29 percent).

One of the more surprising findings is that while mobile is clearly having a positive effect on business processes, 78 percent of Canadian are not budgeting for the cost of mobile devices, preferring to purchase mobile technology as the need arises—less than 10 percent of businesses surveyed set an annual budget for mobile devices and adjust expenditures as needed.

The survey also found that Canadian businesses, more than their American counterparts, are covering the costs of employees’ mobile devices. 63 percent of Canadian businesses supply mobile devices to their employees, compared to 54 percent of U.S. companies. However, the number of Canadian businesses supplying mobile devices to employees has dropped from 2013; the number of employees that supply their own mobile devices with no company reimbursement has increased to 36 per cent, up nearly 10 per cent from 2013.  

37 percent of Canadian small businesses have a “bring your own device” policy (BYOD) policy in place, while 39 percent have not considered this option. Another 13 per cent have considered but decided against a BYOD strategy for their businesses.