Motorola Opens Office in Waterloo Near Google and BlackBerry

On the heels of BlackBerry announcing that it will cut 4,500 jobs within the next year, competing smartphone maker Motorola is setting up shop just 10 minutes away from the company’s global headquarters in Waterloo.

Motorola joins Jack Dorsey’s Square in expressing a strong interest in the Waterloo region, which BlackBerry helped put on the map during its decade-long rise to stardom in the 2000s. Square next year will open a permanent office in the area and hire a team of 30 engineers.

Motorola will arrive first, however, and will be just a short walk from Google’s local office in the city’s Tannery Building, where Communitech—now a member of Google’s new Tech Hub Network for entrepreneurs—also resides.

According to the company, the office will be called Motorola Kitchener-Waterloo and will be engineer-focused. The smartphone maker has “big plans” for the office, according to one employee. However, there is currently only a few employees working there.

Motorola, which Google acquired in 2011 for $12 billion, has been planning to open an office in the region for several months, sources suggest.