Motorola’s Renew has PC Magazine’s GreenTech Seal of Approval

How about this for a watercooler story?  The MOTO W233 Renew is the first mobile phone whose body is made from recycled plastic—watercooler jugs, in fact. The phone is 25% post-consumer plastic (mainly recycled five gallon water bottles), and has a 100% recyclable exterior.  It arrives with a pre-paid recycling envelope, a carbon neutral production process, reduced packaging, and super long talk time.  So it seems,

Moto’s walking the walk with a global commitment to reduce their environmental footprint.

What else?  It makes PC Magazine‘s Greentech Approved devices.  According to this article by Sascha Segan, the phones are rated on seven environmentally friendly criteria, and the Renew passes with flying colors.   She says,

The dual-band (850/1,900 MHz) Renew is an excellent voice phone—and one of the best we’ve tested on T-Mobile’s 2G network. Reception is strong; the earpiece is loud yet clear, and voice quality is exceptionally good—the microphone aggressively cancels even very loud background noise. Voice quality does suffer a bit when the phone pumps up its noise cancellation, but conversations are still very intelligible. The speakerphone is loud enough for indoor or outdoor use, though its mic does let some background noise through.

This phone is available to Fido customers in Canada.  Renew is also the world’s first certified CarbonFree® mobile phone on the market.