Movember Mondays: How the Canadian Tech Community is Supporting Movember

This is a guest post from Gregg Tilston.  As Global Social Media Manager of Flight Centre Group, Gregg is living his dream job as it marries Social Media and travel. Gregg is also a member of the Toronto Movember Committee, a cause near and dear to his heart as his father IS a prostate cancer survivor. 

I’m seated on my 6:45 Monday morning Porter flight waiting to take off to Newark. Typical start to my month right?

Not really because there’s this strange fuzz on my upper lip.

This is no typical Monday at all. It’s Day 1 of Movember!  

Now, I’ve been a big fan of Techvibes’ “5 Questions” and I asked the gang at Techvibes if I could do a similar blog series for the month of Movember where each week we highlight what the Canadian tech community is doing to support Movember. Much to my delight they took me up on it so this is the first of five blog posts we will call ‘Movember Mondays’. 

What’s Movember you ask? Good question. Movember is a grassroots movement that started not many years ago in Australia where each November… sorry Movember, Mo Bros (with the support of their Mo Sistas) grow moustaches in support of men’s health challenges around the world. In Canada the goal of Movember is to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer Canada and the incredible research being done to help fight this horrible cancer that affects so many men.  

So back to my inspiration – I thought who better to talk to first than my Mo Bro Karim himself:

Karim, why did you decide to take up the challenge of Movember and become a Mo Bro.  

Movember is an opportunity to join a movement of friends, family, and co-workers from across Canada in two things; one to raise awareness of cancer affecting men and two to raise money to continue to fight this disease. 

So what specifically would you like to see come from your involvement with growing a Mo this Movember? 

I’m doing Movember to raise awareness among my peers and that we should be doing something to learn more about this disease and also to raise money to fight it. 

At Flight Centre we’re looking to build on Canada’s support last year when we raised $22,000 and we’ve challenged Flight Centre’s other countries with Dicko’s Tash Challenge (Dicko being our President and Mo Bro leader). If you want to keep up to date on the global trash talking check out the Flight Centre Tash Team on Facebook. I had a chance to ask some of our Web Dev and IT team members their thoughts about Movember. 

Mo Bro Jeff Raimondo – Movember is both an opportunity to be a part of a group movement to remind and raise the questions surrounding prostate cancer. It really is a bit of a challenge to go through because the whole point is that you look silly for the better part of a month but in a noble effort to raise money for a good cause. It’s tough out there though. I’m not a hairy guy. 

Amanda Blake (one of our MoSistas!) – I think it’s great the guys of Flight Centre are growing Mos for prostate cancer awareness. It’s impressive how big Movember has become and for great reasons too.

I could go on about my motivation being my dad who’s a survivor and my son who I never want to go through what my dad did. But, I think I’ll leave you with the challenge to go to Flight Centre’s Tash Team’s global Movember page and join our team or donate to the cause or just learn a bit more about Movember and Prostate Cancer Canada. 

Join me next Movember Monday when we find out who else in the Canadian tech community are growing Mos to support Movember.