Is About to Become More Popular Than The National Post and The Toronto Sun

Movember has officially rocked Canada this year in its fifth year since 2007, and is now the 176th most popular site in Canada according to Alexa, a web information company. That’s more popular than, Chapters/Indigo, CBC Radio-Canada, Auto Trader, Bloomberg, Gamespot, Forbes, and the Washington Post, to name but a few.

If the site continues its assault on the Canadian rankings, it may even pass large online Canadian media presences such as the Toronto Sun, which is currently ranked 163rd, and the National Post at 151st. 

We’ve still got ten days left in November. Can a single trend become more popular than a national newspaper?

Bob McCown, a popular sports host personality on the FAN 590 might think so. I once heard him say that Toronto is a city that is completely obsessed with “the scene” and “what’s cool and in” unlike any other city in North America, when referring to why the Blue Jays were so popular in the late ’80s and early ’90s. 

Besides, if there’s any city that can drive a trend in Canada digitally and via mobile/tablets, it is Toronto. Many numbers recently that I’ve seen about new trends have pointed to greater adoption in Ontario than anywhere else in Canada. Ontario may represent about a third of the population in Canada, but have been driving trends at the rate of 45-50% from the small sample size I’ve seen. 

Further, TabbleDabble, which creates an interactive experience for your target market via tablets has created an app for the iPad 2 that allows “Mo Sistas, Mo Babies, and other Mo Challenged supporters” see what they would look like with a moustache while raising awareness and donations for Movember. You can download the app here for free, but the company asks that you donate to the Tabble-Mo-Dabble Movember team for its use. 

There’s also lots of Movember events being held across the city in the next ten days, but one stuck out in particular to me is a tribute to the late Jack Layton. You can check out more details here as Broken Social Scene is playing a DJ set at this one, among Canadian Idol stars and others so chances are it could be very fun! You can get in free if you join the Jack Network fundraiser here if you raise over $50 for Movember and will get a pair of tickets for over $100 raised! The network has already raised over $80,000 towards Prostate Cancer.