Moving to Microsoft is Big for Hardt

BIV’s Curt Cherewayko wrote this week about Canadians Moving to Microsoft and not surprisingly sound of the best quotes come from entrepreneur Dick Hardt of ActiveState and Sxip Identity fame. Hardt hit the road late last year to join the software empire that Bill Gates built and it sounds like he’s pretty happy so far.

Although Hardt is concerned about how he’ll handle the transition from entrepreneur to member of a corporate enterprise and the transition from Vancouver to Seattle, he sees it as a path to a new life with his new fiancée.

“We [can] build out our new friendships together as a couple,” said Hardt, who has the title of partner architect at Microsoft and will be working on consumer, enterprise and government identity problems.

He said that his pay package with Microsoft “blows away” anything he could have found in Vancouver.

“There are very few big companies for people to earn big money and drive big stuff in Vancouver,” he said.