MuchMusic and MTV Canada are the nation’s most influential social media brands

CTVglobemedia has to be excited about some numbers that came out today from Klout, the Internet influence measuring company. Klout declared CTV property MuchMusic was the most influential social media brand in Canada, and MTV Canada, another CTV property, wasn’t far behind.

Facebook pages for both brands saw a surge in followers in the second half of the year. MuchMusic’s fan base tripled in the past six months, averaging 1,500 Likes per day with 390,000 Facebook fans and 133,000 Twitter followers. MTV nearly doubled their Facebook fans in the same time frame. @MuchMusic and @mtvcanada also rank #1 and #2 respectively on the list of Top 10 Canadian Cable Networks followed on Twitter.

“MuchMusic’s Klout score shows that their network is large and also very engaged with the content they share through social media,” said Klout CEO Joe Fernandez in a press release. “A score this high is rare and only earned through consistent interactions with a large population of influencers. MuchMusic has gained influence on social media because other influencers are impacted by their content.”

Looking at MuchMusic’s Facebook page, it’s easy to see why they maintain such influence. Not only do they have frequent updates and breaking news related to their products, but their Facebook staff interacts with fans by responding to posts and furthering discussions. It also doesn’t hurt that the teenage audience that MuchMusic aims for is among the most active generation of social media users out there.

You check out the MuchMusic Facebook page here.