My first mix tape was played on a Sony Walkman

I remember it well. I was plawalkmanying snooker underneath Fenway Park in Boston when I was approached by a scruffy looking man. He wanted $20 for the big, yellow, water-resistant, sport Sony Walkman.  And so the illegal transaction was completed.  I made my first mix tape at Tower Records in Boston and so my new Walkman was baptized.  For your information, the mix tape included some Beastie Boys, Doobie Brothers and Guns and Roses.

The announcement and subsequent articles, blog and tweets about the end of production for the device in Japan came as a shock to some and not to others. 

For me, it was a shock that it was still around.  For others, it was inevitable.  Although we may not see it in stores here in North America, the Walkman will continue to be sold in the less developed parts of the world.

The Sony Walkman made music portable for the first time.  Instead of mourning the “death” of the Walkman this news should remind us that we owe our ability to listen to music “on the  go” to a company other than the one with a fruit for a logo.

Thanks Sony!