My Run through Digital Day at Marketing Week

Like Soniya said in her post these types of conferences throw so much content at marketers that it can get overwhelming and that was the case for me last year with so many sessions and breakouts. This year the scope was more tightly focused.

Speaking with Quizative’s President Adrian Capobianco, one of the Co-chairs for Marketing Week his team eventually focused on the theme of the balance act between the traditional and digital. If the first Marketing Week there was recognition that digital had turned the corner this year was about how to walk the tightrope from the traditional side of the marketing equation to the digital one.

Marketing Week last year had a broader range of topics with video games, radio, branding and Canada’s place in the Marketing world all taking centre stage in keynotes and panels. This year much of that was stripped away leaving only the core and breaking it down to a day of digital and another of media.

One attendee Dave Nourse the VP of Interactive at Allard Johnson and for full disclosure’s sake my one time supervisor as an intern said that the content was good but he was looking for deeper knowledge that went beyond the basics. Dave’s best session of the day was Collin Douma’s on social media with his memorable example of the Gillette case that “related everything back to results very well.”

Kevin J Nalty like Soniya proclaimed viral video was dead, while I know there are many sites that would differ one thing I thought was right on the money was how difficult these instances are to manufacture and that if you try consumers will smell it a mile away. Check out his twitter post for his thoughts on his audience and a laugh or two.

Scott Beffort the Lead Strategist for Decode talked about consumer behaviour with a specific focus on lifestage and how that informs utility drives engagement and influences where it matters. He is also a proud card carrying member of Savvy Mom which got a good chuckle out of the audience.

Google’s Bill Tighe stated that by 2011 search on smartphones will overtake search on PC and that either bet on a trend or you risk falling victim to it.

Vincent John Vincent a pioneer in gesture based technologies has seen the rise of gesture based technology due in part because of the popularity of devices like the Wii. With some of the latest trends in this area being 3D tracking and Plug and Play for gestures.

One final touch point from Adrian I asked is that finding a way through the clutter can be hard but that even he doesn’t have the answers to what comes next and that is something most of us have no clue to.