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As expected, is one of many sites supporting the OpenID movement – prepare to start using the last username and password you’ll ever need. OpenID is an attempt to unify logging in to sites across the Internet and break down the silos that many users have become accustom to; when the potential is fully realized, this single set of login information should be all you need to access virtually every site, from Facebook to MySpace to Yahoo! – announced last week, Yahoo!’s tripled the number of OpenID users. The concept of OpenID makes it difficult to gain support; essentially, you are trusting all of your accounts with a single source. The OpenID FAQ addresses some of the major concerns, like an intruder compromising the central database and who owns OpenID, but lets face it, for the average individual, adoption of OpenID is going to be pushed by reputable sources, like the Yahoos!, Googles, and Microsofts. So how does myOpenID fit in? First, you can choose myOpenID to sign-up for OpenID. The sign-up process is simple, requiring no more than a username and password (E-mail is optional), and there is a long list of sites that are OpenID enabled. MyOpenID is the largest independent OpenID provider, so users can be confident that their information is unlikely to be compromised, and offers a free affiliate program that lets you offer OpenID accounts to your users. Once you have created your new account, you are able to create multiple personas, log in to sites using your OpenID URL, and manage these sites (so you can choose which ‘you’ the site gets to see). OpenID is an important step in the evolution of the Internet, and sites like myOpenID are helping progress that evolution faster and farther. With larger companies like Yahoo! starting to adopt the standard, more and more users  and sites will adopt OpenID, and eventually, you will be able to start using the last username and password you’ll ever need. is #5 on the Portland Start-up Index and is managed by OpenID catalyst JanRain.