MyShoebox Launches from Extreme Startups

Toronto’s Extreme Startups announced the second cohort of their startup accelerator earlier this month and today one of them launched.

MyShoebox is unlimited free photo backup service that simplifies photo collections and backup in a world where almost every device has a built-in camera. MyShoebox automatically keeps your photos backed up from your computer, phone and tablet with no external hard drives or manual syncing necessary.

MyShoebox uses information embedded in photos to make it easy to find the exact photo you are looking for, without any manual tagging.

The service provides native applications for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets, allowing users to simplify their photo collections across those devices. The best part is that it provides cloud storage and access to all their media for free (as long as you don’t mind your photos being downsized to 1,024 pixels). If you want your photos in full-size resolution you can pay $5 a month for that storage and access.

MyShoebox was cofounded by Steve Cosman and Kalu Kalu. Before MyShoebox, Cosman was the PM for Augmented Reality on Windows Phone and Kalu was the lead engineer on Blackberry Universal Search.