MySpace Canada thanks Juno for the add

The Junos have wrapped up and Canadian bands (and the horrific rip in the space-time vortex known as Nickelback) have packed up and taken their diminutive statues home. But while the awards ceremony focused on music, Myspace Canada spent its first Junos focused on users.

MySpace Canada was one of the participants in the Juno Media Sanctuary held this weekend at the Loden Hotel in downtown Vancouver, and I was able to speak to general manager Dave Stevens about music, Myspace, ad user generated content.

“We’ve chosen the Juno weekend to launch a feature on MySpace called the Hollywood Minute, a microsite within MySpace,” Stevens said.

Leveraging professional photo services and user generated content, the site will use the MySpace social network for citizen journalism related to entertainment. Another upcoming microsite, The Pulse, will use the same methodology but concentrate on hard news, again while using the connected nature of MySpace and user-generated content.

But Stevens stressed it was music that helped build out MySpace to begin with, and music would continue to be a vital part of MySpace’s strategy.

“Bands began uploading, told their friends, who then uploaded, and it became an organic thing. And that’s still our foundation. If we break the next big thing, we become a source for content, big or small.”

Stevens also said while Facebook concentrates on communication between users, MySpace would continue to concentrate on content.

“We not only add content, but we also bring like-minded people together with that content. At the core of it all, it’ll always be the user-generated content. That’s what social networking is, bringing the best stuff to the top,” Stevens aid.