Myspace Has New CEO as Myspace Local Opens to Public

The Globe and Mail is reporting that MySpace nabbed former Facebook executive, Owen Van Natta, as its new CEO.  He replaces Chris DeWolfe, a co-founder of MySpace (who stepped down on Wednesday). And despite the fact  the Myspace is falling behind as the world’s largest online social network, it keeps moving forward. 

Techcrunch reported yesterday that although a quiet debut, Myspace Local is now open to the US public.  It’s a joint collaboration between Citysearch and Myspace, offering reviews of local resaurants, bars, pubs and other nightlife listings, with more categories coming in the near future.  Many would agree that this approach is more personalized. You can see reviews left by your friends and your reviews will get syndicated back to your profile. But why create a new destination site (and not just use MySpaceID)? Some say it’s because of MySpace Local is meant to appeal to a different audience and increases ad revenue potential.

MySpace Local is directly connected to the social network, users can jump to it seamlessly without having to worry about logging in…the site allows local businesses to take advantage of MySpace’s self-service MyAds product, which will allow them to selectively display their banner ads to local MySpace users.