MySpace set for redesign, loss of subscribers, and owners are okay with this

Social networking website MySpace is getting set for a major design and functionality overhaul in mid-October, and News Corp., the corporation that owns the website isn’t going to be shocked if they lose some members.

From the Associated/Canadian Press:

Jon Miller, the chief digital officer of MySpace parent company News Corp. … says the overhaul marks a “full swing of the bat.” He was speaking Tuesday at a conference hosted by entertainment and media news website TheWrap.

He said, “I can’t see how it doesn’t shed some people initially.”

News Corp. has been struggling to turn around the site, which has lost ground to Facebook and Twitter. In the most recent quarter, the segment responsible for MySpace lost US$174 million, mostly due to lower search and advertising revenue.

MySpace has been in its current incarnation for years now, and maybe News Corp. Should just leave it be. After all, frequent changes and redesigns make people angry when Facebook does it, so why bother risking MySpace’s already tenuous hold on relevance on a redesign now?

Perhaps there’s a bigger question to be asked here: who even cares about MySpace anymore?