National Learn-to-Code Day to Take Place September 27

Ladies Learning Code, a national non-profit offering beginner tech education, has announced the second year of the Canada-wide initiative designed to promote technology education: National Learn to Code Day.

On September 27, 750 adult learners will attend simultaneous workshops in-person in 16 cities across the country, while hundreds more will tune in virtually.

Workshop participants will learn basic HTML and CSS to build a simple one-page website in a social and collaborative way.

On National Learn to Code Day over 200 volunteer expert developers will serve as mentors at each workshop across Canada—a ratio of four learners to every mentor making the learning environment perfect for absolute beginners.

“In an effort to increase digital literacy across Canada, there’s a way for every Canadian to get involved in National Learn to Code Day,” said Melissa Crnic, Ladies Learning Code’s Director, whether it’s in person or online.

Since its inception in 2011, Ladies Learning Code has held 300 workshops and events and reached 10,000 learners across the country.