Navigating TIFF gets easier with Visa’s new app

Will you be checking out the bright lights of the Toronto International Film Festival this year? If you are, don’t feel overwhelmed by the grand spectacle of it all — just reach for your smartphone.

Visa has created a website and mobile app that connects TIFF visitors with up-to-date news and information regarding the festival. Guest bloggers and reporters have been brought in giving visitors access to behind the scenes photos, videos, geolocation information on upcoming events and more.

The app, which runs on Blackberry, Android, iPhone and iPod touch, is loaded with goodies including the ability for festival-goers to “check-in” and share their experiences of TIFF, which will show up on an interactive map.

Users can report where they’re at and what’s happening there and offer reviews of movies, food, parties and even report celebrity sightings (a la Gawker stalker). The information is then featured on the app’s “What’s Happening” section where visitors can see what’s going on at TIFF and where the hot spots are.

Visa’s app was designed by the ad agency TBWAToronto. You can check out Visa Insider’s website here.