NAVTEQ puts Intrinsyc on the Map

Vancouver’s Intrinsyc Software announced today the signing of a multi-year agreement establishing a sales relationship with NAVTEQ, a global leader in premium-quality digital map data. The new agreement will see NAVTEQ map content bundled with Intrinsyc navigation software. Intrinsyc recently purchased the strategic assets of Destinator Technologies, a leading provider of wireless software for global positioning system (GPS) devices and navigation software for wireless handsets. This agreement will allow Intrinsyc to continue providing map data for Destinator-based navigation devices. Most importantly, the new relationship will provide wireless device makers with a single source for digital map data, navigation software, and a software platform for wireless handheld development. Chicago-based NAVTEQ is a leading provider of comprehensive digital map information for automotive navigation systems, mobile navigation devices, and web-based mapping applications. If you’ve used an Internet-mapped tool or GPS device in a car, chances are if you’ve a NAVTEQ product. NAVTEQ was recently acquired by Nokia.