NedSpace partnership with OEN, SAO, and TechAmerica: A glimmer of things to come?

NedSpace partnership with OEN, SAO, and TechAmerica: A glimmer of things to come?

Last summer, many people rejoiced in the fact that the City of Portland had chosen to adopt the Portland Economic Development Strategy. Those of us around here were especially happy that a portion of that Strategy contained the recognition of coworking spaces as a crucial and viable part of Portland’s startup culture.

Among those named in the Strategy, was none other than relative newcomer NedSpace, a coworking space that developed a rapid—and perhaps even rabid—following with the startup crowd. Now, true to form, NedSpace is continuing that momentum, striking up a partnership with industry organizations OEN, SAO, and TechAmerica.

The arrangement, according to Mike Rogoway at The Oregonian, allows members of those organizations to receive a 10% discount at NedSpace.

It’s a move that everyone involved hopes will stimulate more collaboration and sharing among the technology groups in the Portland area.

“In less than a year, NedSpace has done a remarkable job creating a hub where entrepreneurs can start and grow their businesses and ideas,” said Linda Weston, president and executive director of OEN, in a press release. “OEN is proud to extend its mission by partnering with NedSpace and the other organizations to help startups gain the experience, mentoring and connections to accelerate their growth, especially the peer-to-peer networking help.”

A discount? Why is this news?

Well, agreed, the discount itself may not be a big breaking news story. But what is worthwhile and newsworthy is that—in the midst of an economy that is struggling to stimulate the startup environment in town—NedSpace is making one of the first tangible steps in getting the ball rolling.

It’s a small step. But a step nonetheless. It’s making something happen. Moving things forward with organizations who have the wherewithal to help improve the startup environment around here. You see, getting OEN, SAO, and TechAmerica working more closely with the Web and mobile startup environment here in town can only be a good thing. For Portland and for all of the startups here in town.

And that first step could lead to others. Perhaps much larger steps that would further and fulfill the Portland Economic Development Strategy. “A journey of a thousand miles…” and whatnot.

Seeing all of the things NedSpace has accomplished in a very short time period, I’m confident that this news is only a small glimmer of things that have yet to come.

For more information, see the NedSpace press release on the partnership. For more on the coworking spaces in downtown and Old Town, visit NedSpace.