Need Motivation While on the Treadmill? Try This Mobile App

Tired of working out on a treadmill? Bodyguard Fitness has launched a new iPad app that turns a treadmill’s control console into an entertainment and training centre.

The new Imagine app is the first app that takes over control of the equipment and personalizes workouts for each user. Imagine not only acts a personal trainer but comes with added features to keep you moving.

Imagine’s easy-to-use system gives runners and walkers the motivational tools needed to help achieve long lasting results while the iPad offers cardio-boosting games, scrolling landscapes for that outdoor feeling, all within the comfort of your home or gym.

“The days of watching the little red dot go around the track are over,” says Daniel Maheux, president of Bodyguard Fitness. “Treadmill users can now look forward to more fun and engaging workouts with the help of tailored training circuits, impressive graphics and full post-workout analysis thanks to the new Imagine app.” Of course, you can’t forget the entertainment provided to you by an iPad, which includes music, video, social media, email and even Skype for people on the go.

Imagine is available at the App Store and is compatible with most new Bodyguard Fitness treadmills. Check out the demo video below.



Based in St. Georges, Quebec, Bodyguard Fitness is the only Canadian company to produce and sell cardio equipment such as treadmills, elliptical and stationary bikes. The company holds 20% of the Canadian market and also distributes its equipment in the US.