Have You Ever Been to a Conference with No Agenda?

Ever been to a conference without an agenda? Welcome to NetSquared Camp, is an UNconference hosted by NetTuesday.

NetSquared is a conference where the agenda is driven by the participants focused on issues/topics that they want to talk about. June 4 was NetTuesdays’ third-annual signature event hosted by HiVE Vancouver and bringing together Vancouver’s technology and non-profit community together to learn, empower and grow by spending a day full of discussion and collaboration empower non-profits with tools, best practices and skills to fulfill their mission statements in new and innovative ways.

The most surprising fact of all was that every single workshop at NetSquared camp was driven by the participants who attended that day. A closer examination at those attended reveals individuals who are digital strategy experts to fundraisers and non-profit managers and leaders.

Through everyone bringing together their expertise, experience and their success stories the conference agenda was quickly filled. Ultimately, this resulted in a wide range of sessions for people to choose from, with sessions focused on productivity to tools and even one focused on helping an individual transform their ideas into action.

“Today UNconference I have been able to hold a session on one of my ideas, Walk With Me, and learned how to do outreach for it as well as technical advice [to implement],” testified Karen Quinn Fung.

“At NetSquared camp today I really met some amazing people who have opened my mind to think of things in different ways. First session was fabulous just talking about productivity from an unproductivy perspective and I learned some great tips,” agreed Kathy Lllyholm.

The collaborative energy from being a participant driven conference would continue throughout the day with everyone working together to compile information. With individuals tweeting throughout the day the lessons that they are learning in their session and others taking notes to google docs to share with others who could not attend and review.

I believe that the unique format helps create high engagement since everyone gets to be a participant in creating the UNconference experience. This creates an energy that fuels the community long after the conference is over with individuals who continue to update and edit the shared learning documents for everyone.

The power of the NetSquared events continue to spread with organizers launching, growing and supporting local community groups in over 50 cities around the world. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the work and effort of Eli van der Giessen, the Community Curator for NetSquared.

If you’re interested in attending and participating in future events check out their Meetup group here.