Network Hippo gets an upgrade, goes back to beta

Web-based customer relationship management application Network Hippo has undergone a major upgrade to become more social and returned to beta status.

Along with a “cleaner, friendlier” design, the Ottawa-born web app from Mercury Grove now has deeper integration with popular social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as becoming a social in itself with the addition of public profiles.

As well as deeper integration with social networks, Network Hippo also now features integration with other web-apps with APIs like MailChimp and other CRM apps Highrise and third-party app integrations are planned.

Network Hippo will also be opening its own API, allowing developers to build on the platform.

Besides becoming more social, Network Hippo has also become “smarter,” adding the ability to sort contacts based on rules and adding natural language search, so typing “people in Ottawa” into the search box will bring up Ottawa-based contracts.

On top of all the new features being added, business accounts, which remove limitations from the free personal accounts, are now free.

Sign up for the new beta at the Network Hippo site.