Neurofluid Interactive Software Inc.

Vancouver’s Neurofluid Interactive Software specializes in mobile applications and games for the iPhone and iPod Touch and they’ve getting busy.

Last week, just in time for Valentine’s Day, they launched Heartbreaks Revenge – a ‘Missile Command’ style of game that pits you against Cupid. “Cupid has caused you to fall in love only to have your heart broken for the last time! Get back at that meddling cherub by preventing him from causing other people to fall in love… with missiles!”

As well as developing their own games, Neurofluid’s artists, programmers and animators are building games for local businesses. Their first release, Mumbees Match, is a kids card-matching game that was built for Coquitlam’s – a children’s entertainment site.

Both games are available in the App Store. Look out for more from Neurofluid in 2010.