Never overpay on your wireless bill again with Anomalous Networks

Thanks to Montreal’s Anomalous Networks, a whopping big phone bill brought on by overusing your data plan could be a thing of the past.

Anomalous has developed two apps, one for individuals (the free app Telicost) and one for business (Intelicost, which costs $5 per month and allows centralized monitoring by an IT manager) for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and PC that will send alerts to users when their data plans are approaching their limits. As well, it alerts users to when their roaming starts so they can purchase a roaming plan before they rack up huge charges from their carrier.

Anomalous CEO Daniel Rudich says that this is a proactive way to save money, not just an after-the-fact report like you receive in the form of a phone bill every month. In an interview with IT in Canada:

“It’s the only real-time system out there. All the other telecom expense management systems get their usage data out of the carrier billing system…. That model is flawed because information from the carrier billing system is out of date. The carrier doesn’t even know somebody was roaming for often six to eight weeks.

“You want to prevent the cost, not just report on it,” Rudich says. “We’ve integrated with the devices and we compare the usage with the plan from the carrier. That way we can see the second somebody’s roaming, or if they’re projected to go over their voice minutes or their data plan before that occurs.”

“You can save 50 to 80% of your roaming costs if you proactively purchase a roaming package before you travel,” he says.

Anomalous plans to distribute Intelicost by partnering with communications service providers. In Canada, Bell Mobility sells the software as part of its wireless management portfolio. “We’re actually their largest selling business solution,” Rudich says.

For more information about Anomalous’ two apps, visit their website here.