NeverBored Studios Updates Their iPhone App Lineup

Waterloo iPhone app developer NeverBored Studios has had a busy month; they have upgraded their iPhone game ThreadBound, released a free version of the game, developed another free app and have also announced plans for a new title.

NeverBored’s upgraded game ThreadBound 2.0 includes new artwork, a section for in-game achievements and leader boards as well as a social networking feature. The appearance of the game has been improved, and the achievements section adds even more game play to the title. The social networking upgrade allows users to chat with each other while playing the game. The NeverBored team was also hopping to include some user created levels in the update but have not yet received any. Threadbound already offered superior value for its .99 price and the new features are just icing on the cake. A free lite version of ThreadBound is now available in the App Store.

NeverBored Studios also released a free app called a FUBAR Detector. The name of the application can be altered to anything the user inputs, then the detectors beeps can be controlled as the user ‘detects’ whatever their input was. There are already a number of free detectors out there, but the ability to create your own opens up some new avenues of fun.

The team is also busy developing a new game based on a short story ‘Under The Pyramids”, by H.P. Lovecraft. For the latest updates on the new game you can check out NeverBored Studios website, or their Facebook group. They are also running a series of posts documenting various things they have learned from their start up.