New app lets you skip the waiting, and get to your waiter

Vancouver-based app developer Invoke has teamed up with The Onion’s A.V. Club to design an iPhone app that will get you seated at your favourite restaurant faster and easier.

It’s called WaitList and it’s the best way to know how long you’re going to be waiting for that table for two — or 22. App users at the restaurant can update the wait times by sending a “tip,” and everyone else with the app will be able to see it. As well, wait times will be posted to WaitList’s Twitter feed, @waitlist.

The app uses Foursquare’s API to help you find nearby eateries, and also provides user-written reviews of food and drinks at the establishment. The app works across North America, so no city is left out.

The idea apparently arose over frustrations at the long wait times for Hot Doug’s, a gourmet hot dog joint in Chicago. After one too many hour-long waits for what I assume must be the greatest hot dog known to man, The A.V. Club in Chicago began to collaborate with Invoke so they could cut down on their wait times.

Best of all, the app is totally free; check it out here, and bon appétit!