New Directions for the City of Edmonton IT Branch

The City of Edmonton’s IT branch is slowly but surely transforming itself from an inefficient, closed part of the City’s corporate services department to an innovative, efficient, and transparent entity. On Friday, June 26th, the first ever IT Vendor Open House was held at the Shaw Conference Centre downtown, bringing local technology professionals together with City employees to discuss how to do business with one another. It was a big success, and was just the first of many new events being organized by the IT branch.

I think a more open IT branch is vital for Edmonton to become an open city. They’re working to share more of what they do with the community, and more importantly, are starting to participate (City of Edmonton CIO Chris Moore spoke at TransitCamp in May, and is attending a number of other community events) and crowdsource. I’m encouraged by the changes they are making, and look forward to more in the coming months!

You can read more about Transforming the City of Edmonton’s IT Branch here.