New events underway at Social Media Week Toronto!

With a great team of volunteers in tact, organizers are excited to see Social Media Week coming to fruition! As more programming is finalized, there is definitely a taste of art, business, culture, music, design and fashion that speaks to niche content and context – you don’t want to miss ANY of this!

Below, a highlight of the some of the events thus far:

In the Digital Media Zone at the Toronto Life Square, the “Personal branding to Compete in the 21st Century Marketplace,” workshop, led by professional brand strategist Paul Copcutt will emphasize the vital differences between branding and marketing, two concepts which are often mistaken as being synonomous.  Copcutt will uncover the layers beneath what it truly means to brand your concept successfully and go beyond the obvious. 

At the Arts & Letters Club, Ad Lounge and DDB Canada are all about “CONVERSUASION.” Sought after speakers include: Dré Labre, Creative Director, Tribal DDB Toronto, with the topic: Interactive in Advertising: Viva la Evolution and Chris Robbins, Chief Customer Officer, WIND Mobile on the topic of: Passion, People, Perspective, Fun (and Luck).

Heading to Urban Strategies Inc., the name of the game is “We built this city on Web 2.0” Looking at how social media can create meaningful engagement and interaction in relation to city building, planning and design, this workshop will be of interest for anyone who wants to understand what it is that makes an urban centre tick.  Offering the chance to explore some current tools and facilitate an honest conversation about the limitations of social media, Urban Strategies will provoke ideas and insights beyond the norm.

Registration is filling up incredibly fast, so please create an account and sign up here:

Keep checking out @smwTO updates and engage and interact with the team and share your ideas and insights! Feedback is always appreciated!